Creative Vision media was first established in 1991 by Efim Bulshtein.  Efim is well recognized in the video industry for his work on numerous projects for CITY TV, Global TV, Channel 47, OMNI, TLN, Ethnic Channel and in the special events cinematography industry.  Efim has a great deal of experience in news broadcasting, video production and video editing.  He is a true professional with many years of experience.


    His style is modern and cinematic with a traditional approach to wedding storytelling.  He stays in the background while capturing the special moments of a wedding.  The equipment includes a broadcast camera for long recordings and smaller cameras for unique angles.  The stabilized DSLR cameras seems to float through space to create dreamy sequences.  Only a combination of using different tools will result in the perfect vision to get the best of the current style of wedding cinema.   Efim uses his passion by capturing family events that will be treasured forever.


    “A professional wedding video isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.” Efim 

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